Ya Bluffin ass BOY

Do people not realize that its obvious when they’re buying plays? First off if you’re not very popular in your own city to the point i come across many different people talking about and listening to your music in person or online there is no way you’re pulling 10,000 downloads on your mixtape LOL thats just fucking retarded. The Audacity of people to think people are THAT dumb to believe these numbers. So that’s just using common sense, not even breaking down all of the stats on whichever site is hosting their music.

   Lets start off with Datpiff.com. One thing people don’t realize is that when stats are real they kinda match each other. There’s a certain proportion with stats that helps you gauge whether or not they’re fake. The tell tale sign someone is buying views is the STREAMS section. For whatever reason these “Buy Views” sites haven’t figured out how to boost streams and I love it. If someones music is really popular people will clearly be streaming it online since the internet is the number 1 source of music. It would be being shared on various blog sites and social networks, and as a result of that people will be STREAMING the project well before DOWNLOADING. The streaming and downloading stats should be pretty close together, sometimes one is higher than the other but you get the idea. I have literally seen mixtapes with fucking 100 streams and 6,000 downloads LMFAO, Who the fuck downloads a mixtape before they stream it at a ratio of 120:2 Shit sounds real retarded right? But wait there’s more. There’s no way your project is popular on that level but 10 fucking people commented and 3 of the comments were fucking bots promoting some other “Buy views” site. All this shit makes it clear as day that its fake and these “Artists” literally promote and rant and rave about how well their music is doing. Fucking wow yo shit makes me sick. 

    Moving on to my personal favorite music hosting site. The honorable soundcloud. Literally THE BEST music site ever created and they constantly make it better and better. Adding features like the repost that allows artists/producers to share their friends work with their listening base. Pretty tight, but back to the fake shit. I have come across guys with tracks with 30k plays and like 13 comments…..-_-…… 30k plays and 45 likes… -_-….. 30k plays and 6 reposts LOL GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY MOM. This shit is like a serious epidemic of fake it till you make it. But if you’re going to fake it at least be good at it lol. i want to know how people continue this facade when people want to see some live interaction. Are these peoples shows packed? Are these peoples social networks bombarded with fans RT’ing and commenting on everything they do. For the most part NO. That’s when you can really see who they really are. That they really ain’t shit. You can tell it makes me kinda salty because 1st off they put themselves on a level that they haven’t reached and the Non-internet savvy are fooled thinking their something they’re not. There are many people out here who have worked to the level they’re at and I don’t like the fact that people act like they did the same work, or are as good when they clearly aren’t. I like real progress it gives me a high like nothing else. Knowing I started here and now I’ve surpassed that level is why I continue to keep going until … well that’s for me to know. Ok I’m tired of writing now.