I aint been on this booty bitch in a grippity

Sacrifice your children for likes and comments

i-like-kittens: Did you know The Oxford African American Studies Center is free for Black History Month?. Simply use Username: blackhistorymonth and Password: onlineaccess to login.

of course i find this out with 2.5 days left lol 








obviously a girl who is 5’7 cant wear heels coz people will think u are audtioning to be a giant


i’m 5’10 i wear heels. i want niggas to climb me


I don’t get boys who make posts like these. Very basic.

dudes who are intimidated by tall women are lame and weak

fuck with a real nigga

Doo doo post


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50 Cent is All in Our Grill This Week

Dont 100% agree but I def respect the opinion.


This joint is super legit. Sounds like 50 found some motivation man. I mean we can all agree he isn’t one of the top artists of today so I think that’s where his hunger is coming from. I KNOW he believes he is and is out to regain the respect he deserves. Also with the Interscope/Shady split, becoming independent, and the dismantling of the G-Unit we all knew from the beginning. FUEL, niggas need FUEL. Animal Ambition is going to be pretty tight.

Bump That #BFK Fam.

I consider this mixtape to be an Album. Honestly I think this project is the closet thing to Get Rich or Die Tryin’ we’re probably will ever get. The beats are crazy and the lyrics are so on point. Been bumping this going on 2 years and it has yet to get old to me. It gets better every time I hear it honestly. I played it a couple days ago after not listening to it for about 3 weeks to a month and the intro just gets you as soon as it drops. Similar to how “What Up Gangsta” did. Thats the type shit I like. That’s what  you call music (Vol.1000 LOL), that’s what the industry is short of these days. I Highly recommend this to all my hiphop heads out there. People complain about rappers either having energy but cant rap, or have bars but are boring as fuck. Not here, flows for days and the energy is like a mix between 50 and DMX with a midwest flow. The beats are really on point and Kirko Bangz even delivers a dope feature (Probably his best verse ever). Not saying Kirko is trash, but that nigga aint my strand of weed. His most recent project “ESGN” is pretty good, but not better than this project IMO. So yeah bump this shit man, you will be pretty proud of yourself afterward. - Matic